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New Microsoft Entra ID Governance Dashboard Experience Rolling Out Soon
Published Jul 19 2023 09:00 AM 7,916 Views

As announced on June 7, 2023, Microsoft Entra ID Governance is now generally available, and with it a set of new capabilities to empower businesses in their pursuit of streamlined access management. If you’re running your organization’s  program, your primary job responsibility is linked to the business goal of ensuring that the right people have access to the right resources for the right amount of time. If you’re running your organization’s  program, then identity governance – the ability to know who has access to what, when, and why – is foundational to Zero Trust. Regardless of the business objective driving your identity governance and administration (IGA) initiative, you shared with us the importance of implementing and monitoring IGA rollout in a way that demonstrates the effectiveness of IGA controls to your business stakeholders. We heard you!


So, we created a new Microsoft Entra ID Governance dashboard that pulls information, giving you an at-a-glance view of your current state of Identity Governance, a launch-pad for IGA features, and quick access to compliance reports. 

We understand that implementing Identity Governance is a journey, and you may be in different stages of this journey.


  • If you are just getting started, use the dashboard to assess the complexity of your IT landscape. Identify the number of users and guests in your tenant. Discover business apps and privileged roles in your tenant and review capabilities provided by Entra ID Governance to create an implementation plan that addresses your security and compliance needs.
  • If you’ve already deployed certain governance capabilities, use the dashboard to understand the coverage of your governance automations and find and close implementation gaps. For example, maybe you have automated birthright access using entitlement management, but you have not set up periodic access reviews. Use the call-to-action links in the dashboard to further improve your identity governance posture.


Looking ahead, we plan to evolve the ID Governance dashboard to further align the experience with your security and compliance needs while making it even easier for you to get started by reducing setup and configuration requirements.


How to use the Microsoft Entra ID Governance dashboard 




To access it, sign into the Microsoft Entra admin center and select the “Dashboard” blade under “Identity Governance.”  

The dashboard experience is made up of the following main components:


  • Glanceable cards: These cards provide high-level insights into what’s happening in your tenant from the perspective of employee, guest, privileged identities, and application access governance. The navigation links in the glanceable cards point to ID Governance quick start guides and tutorials.
  • ID Governance status: This visual shows your identity landscape in terms of number of employees, guests, business apps, groups, and privileged roles. It then highlights the various Microsoft Entra ID Governance feature sets configured to better govern these entities. If a feature is not configured, you can use the “Configure Now” option to open the configuration landing blade for that feature.
  • Tutorials: This section contains tutorials of popular ID Governance use cases for quick access.
  • Highlights: Use the content in this section to stay informed about the latest ID Governance features and learn how customers are using ID Governance to improve their security and compliance posture.


To learn more about this new dashboard, check out the article Microsoft Entra ID Governance dashboard. 


Give it a try 

We’re excited about these new capabilities, and we'd love for you to try them out! Current Microsoft Entra ID Premium customers have two ways to use the new capabilities: 


  1. You can set up a trial of Microsoft Entra ID Governance at
  2. You can upgrade to Microsoft Entra ID Governance by purchasing licenses online, via our licensing partners, or directly from Microsoft if they work with a Microsoft account team. 


Joseph Dadzie 
Partner Director of Product Management 
LinkedIn: @joedadzie 
Twitter: @joe_dadzie 



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