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Developer Preview: ADAL Plugin for Apache Cordova
Published Sep 06 2018 08:04 PM 868 Views
First published on CloudBlogs on Apr, 06 2015
Howdy folks, Today marks another milestone in our quest to make it extra easy for you to take advantage of Azure AD in your applications. In collaboration with MS Open Tech, we are releasing the developer preview of a new plugin for Apache Cordova that wraps our native Active Directory Authentication Library (ADA... for iOS, Android, Windows Store and Windows Phone. Apache Cordova is a popular open source platform that allows you to write native applications directly in HTML, CSS and JavaScript – while still being able to leverage device specific capabilities such as camera, accelerometer and location. If you are a web developer, Cordova makes it possible for you to write a single app that can be run as is on multiple platforms, accessing the same capabilities that would normally require you to operate at the Objective-C, Java or C# level. The ADAL plugin for Cordova is designed to expose native authentication capabilities (as implemented by native ADALs on each platform) directly through a JavaScript API, that Cordova apps can easily consume. If you want to see the plugin in action, please check out the sample we published in GitHub. The project shows a super simple directory searching app: you'll be amazed by how little code is required to implement and run this app on iOS, Android, Windows and Windows Phone! For more information, please refer to this announcement on the MS open Tech blog and to this deep dive post .

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