API’s for #AzureAD Identity Protection are now available in the Microsoft Graph!
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First published on CloudBlogs on Aug, 02 2016
Howdy folks, Cool news today! We've just turned on the first Azure AD Identity Protection API in the Microsoft Graph. To give you the low down, Michael McLaughlin one of the PM's who works on Identity Protection has written up a quick blog post. This is pretty cool stuff – we hope you'll find it useful! Best regards, Alex Simons (Twitter: @Alex_A_Simons ) Director of Program Management Microsoft Identity Division ------------------ Hi folks! I'm Michael McLaughlin and I work on the Identity Protection team in Microsoft's Identity Division. I have some great news to share today: The first Microsoft Graph API for Azure Active Directory Identity Protection , IdentityRiskEvents, is now available! This API allows you to query risk events generated by AAD Identity Protection. These risk events are sign-ins and other events that have been analyzed and found to be "risky" by Identity Protection's machine learning and algorithms. If Identity Protection sees behavior that's anomalous—maybe there's a login from a location that user doesn't typically use, or malware is detected on the machine logging in, or we've detected that user's credentials on the dark web—then it generates a risk event. A full list of the types of risk events that we currently detect is available here . This API opens up a whole world of connectivity options, allowing you to pull the events into applications of your choice using Microsoft Graph, the standard in APIs across Microsoft's product lines. Here's an example of a dashboard you can build by pulling the data into Power BI:

(Note: Azure AD Identity Protection is a premium feature and all users protected by it need to have Azure AD Premium licenses). We wrote a guide to getting started with the IdentityRiskEvents API that will walk you through the process of authenticating and querying the data. You can also read all about the new API in our announcement on the Office Dev Center blog. If you're new to the Microsoft Graph world, after going through our guide, dive deep into Graph at http://graph.microsoft.io/ . There's a huge number of APIs there for you to consume and use to analyze data, build great applications, and more. I'm really excited about the possibilities here. I hope you are too! Sincerely, Michael
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