Welcome to the Azure Active Directory B2B Collaboration AMA!

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Welcome to the Azure Active Directory B2B Collaboration Ask Microsoft Anything! This live hour gives you the opportunity to ask questions and provide feedback directly to the Azure Active Directory team.


Please post your question in a new thread. You can view the AMA Guidelines here. 


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Hi all - I am Sarat - I am responsible for Azure AD B2B Collaboration. Chamara - our Engineering Manager, Girish - our Engineer and a host of others are online and look forward to engaging with you on our AMA! Other engineers are on their way too. So, shoot away :)

Mike here from the community team ready for the first AMA of FY18!
Hello everyone! This is Daniel from the Azure Community team! I`m looking forward for the great #AzureAD B2B questions coming up!

My name is Gary Cooper and I am joining from Kansas City, MO, USA

Jan Vidar Elven here, Enterprise Mobility MVP from Norway :)

Hi, I'm Mark Wahl, Sarat's colleague at Microsoft and principal program manager for identity governance and administration in MIM and Azure AD.  We've heard many questions from customers about how B2B and guest collaboration fits into an enterprise identity management strategy and its impact on access risk management, looking forward to today's discussion!

Kent Compton, Solutions Architect at CDW coming to you live from Redmond, WA

Hello all, This is Girish, a software engineer on B2B. We are looking forward to the session!

Hi I'm Shannon, a Microsoft Tech Community Manager, signing in from Microsoft HQ. Bring on the questions!

Steve Motton from Netrixllc, Solution Architect out of Chicago!


I am Chamara, Engineering manager for AAD B2B. Looking forward for this session.

Hi everyone, I'm Aljohn Bonifacio, Global IT Manager from Philippines.

Hi, Michael Kirst-Neshva from Neumünster in Germany here. MVP for Office 365 Servers and Services.

Please share the session link

Hello! The session is similar to a Reddit AMA or a YamJam - it all takes place in the forum you're in now! 


Go here: https://techcommunity.microsoft.com/t5/Azure-Active-Directory-B2B/bd-p/AzureAD_B2b


And you can refresh to see all the latest questions or ask one yourself :)