Synchronize Mail attribute with UPN name in Azure

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I have a question on Azure AD Connect where I want to map the mail attribute of Active Directory to UPN attribute of Azure AD.


Azure AD Connect is already installed and UPN was selected as a primary login ID on Office 365. Can this be done without uninstalling the current and existing Azure AD Connect? User are already using Dynamics 365 CRM.


And, if we change it, what will happen to the data of the user? Will there is any data loss or not?


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Hi @rahul2275,


You can use UserPrincipalName soft match on the following article.


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Hi Rahul2275,

Have you tried to add the mail attribute as new proxiesaddresses for that user in AD? Then if you want to make it primary, you just need to have it with upper ‘SMTP:’
You will not any data using this way!

Hope I’m not misunderstanding the scenario!