Sync more than one AD account to one office 365 mailbox via ad connect

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I have approx 5 users who all currently have an ad account and an office 365 mailbox. They are currently all syncing via ad connect. I would like that they just use one office 365 mailbox instead of using individual mailboxes. What would be the best way to go about this? Could it work via a shared mailbox?

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They could use a shared mailbox or a group mailbox but they need their exchange license assigned hence having a mailbox of their own

@adam deltinger thank you


Is there a way to set their default mailbox as the shared one and to hide their personal mailbox? They are using the outlook client. Thanks again. 

AFAIK no! What’s your scenario on this?

@adam deltinger 

I just had a quick google. I will setup a shared mailbox, give them full permissions. Then create an outlook profile for the shared mailbox as described here:

I'm hoping that will do the trick. 

Yeah! But keep in mind that they will be able to access their mail via the web