SQL Provisioning via SCIM

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I am trying to replace Oracle OIM.  For the windows users side of things I'm using the Workday to Azure AD Provisioning Service.  However, I also have a SQL DB that is holding users for our external portal and the staff users who support them.  I'd like to provision my staff users through the Azure provisioning services into that on  prem SQL DB.  Has anyone done anything like that? 

I believe that I could SCIM to make the connection, but don't know if SQL 2016's REST API's support that standard.  I'm new to the REST / SCIM world and hoping someone has already invented this wheel and could point me in the right direction.


Tech Info:

Azure AD connected to CoLo facility via VPN tunnel with established network connectivity.

SQL2016 in the Colo

Azure AD Connect already in place and syncing.


Thanks for any thoughts or advice.



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