Some stats around Azure AD usage with 3rd party apps


Some interesting stats around Azure AD usage with 3rd party apps:


190k third-party apps is really impressive, so is the number of tenants that use at least one 3rd party app. Still, way too low compared to O365.

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Wow! Love it!


It`s impressive not only the overall number, but the actual growth:




Thanks for sharing, @Vasil Michev, and it`s good to have O365 to look up to :) 



Yes, it's amazing this stats !

Hey guys - 


Glad this caught your attention. It's the first time we've shared this data, so very interested in any thoughts/feedback you have.



Hi Alex, nice to have you here! The data is impressive, don't get me wrong. I never imagined so many 3rd party apps take advantage of AAD, even if some percentage of these are probably for development purposes only. And Google apps being the top used one is... curious :)


I recall one MSFT IT video in which they discussed how they ended up with several hundred AD FS RPTs, now we have the same scenario with AAD, only much easier to configure and manage. Still, I find that many organizations dont even realize what Azure AD means/does and rarely use it for anything other than O365. And vice versa, some dont realize they are actually using Azure AD as part of the service. Some closer collaboration between the two marketing teams, even as simple as cross-posting blogs should help in this regard.