s activity for SSO apps



In our company we are using Dynamics 365 Online.  It seems that I don’t see any Sign-ins records about this app in Azure AD portal.


We also have created special app (Linked type) to have link in My Apps dashboard for users with links to different instances of our Dynamics 365. There no also any Sign-ins records about that apps.




We also retrieving these info from Graph API, and also there are no such records.

Maybe another example Yammer with same problems. Does it mean that all Microsoft SSO apps that we are using in our Azure AD don’t have these Sign-ins activities.

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You should see these sign-ins. Have you checked the non-interactive signins?

Or have tried to open up an in-private window and log in with the direct link? It might be because your sign-in is being carried over from other signed-in applications