Run Service with Azure AD account

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I am a complete newbie to Azure AD and Domain terminology in general so excuse my ignorance if this is obvious.


My firm has recently moved to AzureAD for all accounts. These are not synchronised to a local DC in anyway so we are all logging in to Windows 10 with our AzureAD accounts.


I need to run a local service (a custom application) using the same log-in account as my Windows session. In 'the olden days' this would simply mean using the same account details to 'log on' the service when it starts.


I cannot see any way to do this with an AzureAD\<user>.


Is there some form of DNS configuration I need to set up so that Windows can locate the Azure DC (where-ever it may be!)? Is a _ldap._tcp.dc._msdcs SRV record required?

Or do I need to configure a local Windows account and in some way associate this with the Azure account so that Windows is 'fooled' into running?


I have spent many hours searching but can't even find the right words to get sensible answers...


Any guidance greatfully appreciated.

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Sounds like what you might need to do is log into the Windows 10 machine with a local account, and add your Azure AD account under Settings so you still get features like profile data sync and single sign-on to Azure AD-aware services like Office 365.