PIM not getting mfa prompt

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Hello all


I have enabled PIM for Azure AD roles. Below you can see we are requiring mfa when activating the GA role. I am noticing that after the time expires on the role, when i go back in to activate the role i am not getting prompted for mfa. I even restarted my device opened the browser and i wasnt prompted when i elevated.  Any suggestions on why this is happening is appreciated 




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@Skipster311-1 Hello, I'm pretty sure that you only get prompted per session and not activation. So you should look for your sign-in frequency settings.

This is interesting.

TLDR: It sounds like shortening sign-in frequency may be the best way to protect all Admin roles if there is a concern about an unauthorized person commandeering an administrator's unlocked workstation and elevating permissions/roles within a session.

*** Original ticket/request ***
I recently opened a ticket after reading and testing to verify that AAD PIM ONLY requires MFA if the account has not already MFA'd when "On activation, require Azure MFA" is enabled.
However, I would be curious to know whether it would be possible to require MFA at the time of the request and not just accept the previous MFA authentication/session as sufficient for this request.

The business case being if a user who has Admin role eligibility either fails to lock his workstation OR has his browser session hijacked, I would like JIT MFA to kick in to prevent privilege escalation.

That's why you have the approval process. It's not necessary to enforce MFA but I can't see any reason why it shouldn't be checked in the settings when activating a role. And when approval is configured you just don't get whatever permission/role being activated.