Persisting session across sites linked to the same tenant

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Hi, we have azure AD SSO enabled on multiple sites. Is it possible to persist login when navigating from one of our sites to another, if the user has access to both sites? i.e. the user's account has access to site A and B, and logs into site A. There is a link to site B within the site. Since both of the sites use the same identity it would seem logical that the login session would be valid and active in the destination as well. Could we achieve this using persistent browser session? I managed to hack something together by changing the auth state to be stored in localstorage instead of sessionstorage but i realize that's not secure.
So to be clear i'm trying to find out if there is an existing solution to this kind of use case, or if there are known secure ways to implement such functionality. Thanks!

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Hey, did you find any solutions? I'm having the same exact problem