External Access issues OneDrive for Business & SharePoint Online (O365 Business Premium)

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Have been experiencing issues with external sharing for my personal tenant (1 O365 Business Premium license). Some of my guest users are being forced to set up MFA and even after following the procedure, they are ending up with errors (i.e. users not in directory). Other users end up in a loop (request permission, granted, request permission, granted etc.). 


Don't even have the option to enable MFA for my guest users. The only accounts that have MFA enabled are my own. Anyone else experienced this before?


What I think has happened is that I started an Azure Premium trial, used the features, trial ended but the settings didn't revert while I don't have access to them. 


All the settings in my tenant are correct. Users are allowed to add new guests by sharing something with them and I'm not facing any issues with Microsoft accounts, Gmail and some other email services. It's impacting several O365 accounts and a private email address. Removing the accounts from the sharing permissions and AAD isn't fixing this issue.

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Go to  the dashboard -> Users drop down on the left -> Guest users.
Can you see the affected users there ?

Did you create a conditional access rule that requires MFA?

AFAIK, I have no way of enforcing MFA for guest users. This requires Azure AD Premium. I'm pretty certain that the MFA issue was caused because my Azure AD Premium trial ended and I wasn't able to reach that setting. Latest update from Microsoft support is that they removed the MFA and I'm now not facing that issue anymore. The issue I'm facing now is that after sharing a file from OneDrive, the guest user has to request permission. Permission is then granted, the guest user has to ask for permission again and this will loop until the end of time. 

They fixed the MFA issue, but I'm still experiencing external sharing issues while I created this ticket on the 1st of November. Imagine that...



External sharing still not fixed. Microsoft is still "investigating". External sharing has been broken for my tenant for almost 3 Months... 

@Pooya Obbohat Hi I realise this was a while ago but did you ever get a solution?  I'm having the exact same problem with the Request Access > Granted > Request Access loop.