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Trying to add a custom domain to a new tenant gives me the error "We have confirmed that you own ***, but we cannot add it to this tenant at this time. The domain is already added to a different Office 365 tenant: ****


We no longer have access to the different tenant, how can I remove  or takeover the domain to use in the new tenant.

Tried to no avail. Also used the PowerShell command for takeover force without success. 


How can I speedily resolve this?


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The takeover process only applies to cases where the domain was added because of "viral" subscription. If it was a "regular" registration in another tenant, you cannot use it and have to remove the domain from the other tenant. Contact support if you are having trouble remembering/getting access to the old one.

@Vasil Michev Thank you for a prompt response. I am not sure if it was a viral subscription or not.


I have contacted O365 Support and they have escalated to Data Protection but I haven't heard from them ever since. Is there another way to reach them?

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You should have received an email with the contacts of the engineer, if not you can always call the generic line:

Thanks Vasil. Finally got the DPT to remove it.