Conditional access not applied E3 ems and security


I got the following issue. I have a user with e3 license EMS and Security and have setup conditional access. Now when i go to SharePoint i was expecting to see a yellow warning that i can not download or print etc. header. like:balk.png

But i do not get it. However when i assign a e5 EMS and Security license it appears. Does this only work with E5?

Here is my policy as well:


Any advise would be great. Maybe i am missing something in the settings.


thanks in advance.



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Afaik AAD Premium (P1) should be enough.

Tried it on 2 tenants only works when at least one e5 ems security is enabled really strange..

I think you need AAD P1 and MCAS for it and MCAS is not included in E3.



That sounds logical. But a few days further i did the following and it is working for now.

Added e5 ems+sec got it to work switched back to E3 and E3 ems sec and it still works.

So hope it was a glitch and does not change back thanks for helping!