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in Azure AD  we Can Invite Guest Users with in 1:5 Ratio
now let's say I have 1 Paid User in Office 365 and I invite already 5 Guest User - what happened to the Sixth Guest that I will try to Invite ? what will be the behavior ?



@Nati Papirovitch 

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That's not an actual limit enforced in code, it's more of a "fair usage policy". The sixth user will be able to accept the invite just fine.

There may not be an actual limit enforcement, but during my testing in a demo client I set up to test the invite API I only had 2 native users and once I went over the limit (I can't say if it was exactly 10) even though the API processed the user without error, the invited user was never created. I assumed it was because of the limit so I made sure during testing I deleted the invited users to keep it below ten.