Automatic User Provisioning to on-premise AD

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Hi All,
I have been reading about the new Azure AD Connect Provisioning Agent which looks like a big step forward.
I am very excited by the new automatic provision to on-premise AD flagged by the new agent.
There seems to be a closed source application for Workday to create on-prem AD users with this agent ( ).
I am hoping that the functionally that makes this possible is also accessible via API as I would like to be able to do this programmatically without the need for a pre-canned solution or major HR SaaS platform.
I have done a lot and googling and I cannot find an answer, so I am hoping someone here knows!

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There isn't anything on the roadmap ATM to open this up for an API
I wouldn't wait for this as Microsoft hasn't announced anything about this

You could implement something like Azure Automation with a Hybrid agent to execute scripts on AD from the cloud