Automate AzureAD Configuration and Deployment


Hey all, new to Azure/AzureAD and coming from AWS. In AWS we automated everything after account set from configuration of IAM to network security. Starting with AzureAD I find:


  • Muddled view of CLI tools
    • Azure CLI
    • Powershell and Powershell Previews
    • MSOnline
  • MS Graph API not so well documented and lots of stuff in Beta


I also find I have to manually configure a lot of the elements in AzureAD directly in the UI. Since we don't seem to have any config backup options in AzureAD this is worrying me! What happens if a rouge script/admin blows away some config! :)

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Backup is indeed something that is currently not implemented into AAD and I understand your concern.
Other enterprise create their own scheduled tasks to backup through Graph API

@Thijs Lecomte thanks for this but looking through Graph some config items don't seem to be documented. Is there a central reference for all AzureAD items in Graph?

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I mostly use the official Graph docs.
They are a bit to navigate at first but they get used to it.
You would want the Identity bit -