AD on prem and Azure AD Domain accounts


So I have an Onprem AD and Azure AD. I have Azure AD Connect.


I have an OU for my users in onprem AD and I see them being sync with my Azure AD. What I don't see is my admin accounts. I have an onperm OU call Admins, it has my Domain and Desktop admin accounts.


So now I have small company that inherited from the previous tech. Some desktops are join the domain by regular AD join domain and some are join by Azure AD join under Access work or school.

The ones join AD join domain I can login with desktop admin and no issues.

The ones join by Azure AD I cannot login with desktop admin, it does not recognize that account.


I believe it's because I do not see the admin accounts in my Azure AD. Any ideas?



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Just check your AD Connect configuration to make sure that also the Admins OU is in sync scope.