AAD Dynamcis and License GUID




I'm trying to construct a dynamics group which contains user with a specific plan and struggle a little bit. 


For example I want to group all Users which have the License O365 Business Essential. I have done this with Dynamcis License before but now I have problem. 


If for example I want to group all Business Essential Users and select a servicePlanID (the Exchange for  example, then of course all other users from different Plans get selected also e.g from an O365 E3 Plan . The ID from the servicePlanFeature Exchange (9aaf7827-d63c-4b61-89c3-182f06f82e5c) is the same in all different Products

It looks like we can't use GUID from the Product itself e.g. 3b555118-da6a-4418-894f-7df1e2096870 (O365 Business Essential). 

Is it possible to group by Product License GUID and not the the different Products from a plan itself ? 

Or any hint how to do that. 



Many Greetings



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You cannot, dynamic group rules simply don't support the License property. Best you can do is filter on the servicePlan.