The Azure Solution Architect Map
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Here are all the maps in my series of Architecture Maps:

Azure is so broad that it is sometimes difficult to find your way. Although a list of services already exists, I tried to include extra decision factors helping to choose for a solution or another. For instance, if you were to design a Microservices architecture over containers and hesitate between AKS & Service Fabric Mesh, one differentiating factor is how these platforms handle service state. These factors are by no means comprehensive and are even subject to discussion but of course, since it is represented as a mental map, I have to remain high-level, and there is no room for arguing.  I have articulated the map around 8 typical concerns when deploying workloads to the Cloud:


  • Monitoring
  • Security
  • Workload types (SoE, SoI, SoX, SoR)
  • Connectivity
  • Identity
  • CI/CD
  • Governance and Compliance
  • Containerization. 

I haven't segregated FaaS, PaaS and IaaS and some services belong to multiple high-level nodes but this should help you identifying some key areas and key services.


Here is a screenshot of the map:




and you can access it in the map format through the following URLs (including versions):

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Feel free to collapse/expand nodes as grasping it right with the image only is a bit challenging. Other maps will follow with a deeper look at specific areas, I plan to come up with the following maps:


These maps are more technical since representing all of this into a single map would result in a very indigestible map.


Here are all the maps in my series of Architecture Maps:


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