That’s a Wrap! Azure Cosmos DB Conf 2023 Developers Highlights
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Calling all developers! Let's take a moment to relive the highlights of this year’s Azure Cosmos DB Conf 2023. Attendees had the opportunity to discover all the latest and greatest releases for Azure Cosmos DB and attend a variety of sessions aimed at boosting developer productivity and cloud-scale innovation. The event featured an inspiring keynote from Kirill Gavrilyuk, the GM of Azure Cosmos DB, and talks from top tech companies such as LinkedIn, Databricks, and Adobe. Below we have listed some of the developer-focused sessions presented during the conference. If you were not able to attend, you can view all the sessions on the Azure Cosmos DB YouTube Channel. To read the full recap of Azure Cosmos DB Conf you can visit our latest blog 


Kirill Gavrilyuk’s Keynote: Harnessing Azure Cosmos DB: Use Cases, Industry Examples, and Updates 

Join Kirill Gavrylyuk as he explores popular use cases of Azure Cosmos DB, including real-world examples from industry giants like OpenAI and LinkedIn. Discover how Cosmos DB can empower your organization in the age of AI and Big Data, with a focus on recent updates in security, scale, and elasticity. 

Harnessing Azure Cosmos DB: Use Cases, Industry Examples, and Updates | Azure Cosmos DB Conf 2023 



Azure Cosmos DB for MongoDB vCore Now in Preview 

Calling all MongoDB developers! Get ready for a game-changing announcement - vCore Azure Cosmos DB for MongoDB is here! In this session, we'll showcase the latest breakthroughs in Azure Cosmos DB, a fully managed, globally distributed, multi-model database service that offers flexible and cost-effective data management for MongoDB data. Join us for a demo and discover how Azure Cosmos DB can take your MongoDB projects to the next level! 

Flexible, integrated, and cost effective. The revolutionary Azure Cosmos DB for MongoDB 




Building No-Code Enterprise APIs using Azure Cosmos DB and API Management 

Are you looking for ways to build simple, performant, and secure APIs without managing code solutions? Join us in this session to learn how to leverage Azure Cosmos DB and API Management to create No-Code enterprise APIs. Discover how to design a solution that complies with the five pillars of the well-architected framework and deliver high-quality APIs to your internal and external users. 

Building No-Code Enterprise APIs using Azure Cosmos DB and API Management  | Azure Cosmos DB Conf 



Spring Boot + Azure Cosmos DB for Planetary Scale Database Bliss 

Java developers using Spring Boot know the pain of dealing with multiple databases across different environments. With the power to work with various databases, comes the responsibility of managing them efficiently. Fortunately, Azure Cosmos DB offers a solution. By migrating SQL Server, MongoDB, PostgreSQL, Cassandra, and other databases to Cosmos DB, developers can focus on business value while benefiting from global distribution and API support without code changes. In this session, learn how to leverage Azure Cosmos DB with Spring Boot applications and simplify database management for your projects. 

Spring Boot + Azure Cosmos DB for Planetary Scale Database Bliss | Azure Comos DB Conf 2023 




Build and Deploy Containerized Apps with AKS & Azure Cosmos DB 

Are you struggling with the complexities of deploying modern applications in an Azure environment? Join us in this session and learn how to leverage Azure Cosmos DB to support cloud-native application development. Get familiar with the necessary concepts and services to simplify the deployment process and optimize your applications for Azure. 

Build and deploy containerized apps with AKS & Azure Cosmos DB | Azure Cosmos DB Conf 2023 




How We Used Azure Cosmos DB to Power AEP's Datagroups 

This talk will focus on how Azure Cosmos DB's unique capabilities, combining a Document Database with a Graph API, helped us build a hierarchical container for Adobe Experience Platform's Datagroups feature. We leveraged features such as Stored Procedures and Gremlin queries to ensure atomicity in operations and enforce restrictions, while also taking advantage of the flexible throughput model to prototype and scale traffic without overprovisioning capacity. 

How we used Azure Cosmos DB to power AEP's Datagroups | Azure Cosmos DB Conf 2023 





Avoiding Common Pitfalls Writing Queries for the API for NoSQL 

Do you want to optimize your SQL queries and avoid common pitfalls? Join us in this session where we'll teach you how to improve performance and reduce costs by adding composite indexes and sharing tips and tricks for rewriting frequently used queries. Don't miss out on this opportunity to take your SQL skills to the next level! 

Avoiding common pitfalls writing queries for the API for NoSQL | Azure Cosmos DB Conf 2023 



Get Started with Azure Cosmos DB  

Azure Cosmos DB is a fully managed NoSQL database for modern app development with SLA-backed speed and availability, automatic and instant scalability, and open-source APIs for MongoDB, Cassandra, and other NoSQL engines. Discover features or capabilities on the Azure Cosmos DB page and get started for free. For up-to-date news on all things, Azure Cosmos DB be sure to follow us on Twitter, YouTube, and our blog. 


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