Managing Microsoft365 with Microsoft365DSC and Azure DevOps
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Microsoft365DSC is an Open-Source PowerShell Desired State Module. It allows configuration, monitoring, exporting, reporting and assessment of M365 tenants. Many organizations are implementing DevOps practices and with Microsoft365DSC and Azure DevOps you can implement Configuration as Code within your Microsoft 365 tenant.


At a high level the setup will look like:

Microsoft365DSC and Azure DevOpsMicrosoft365DSC and Azure DevOps


The whitepaper Microsoft365Dsc and Azure DevOps dives into creating a solution with Azure DevOps and Microsoft365DSC.


The whitepaper will cover in detail the following:

  • Creating account for DSC
  • Configuration of Azure DevOps project
  • Configuration of Azure DevOps build agents
  • Configuration of Azure Key Vault to store secrets
  • Creating build and release pipelines to deploy configuration to M365 tenant
  • Securing service accounts with Azure Conditional Access policy
  • Using certificate instead of username/password for M365 authentication
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