Join Microsoft at Devoxx Belgium 2022
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We’re excited to bring our Java technical team to the diamond capital of the world. Devoxx Belgium 2022, a developer community event organized by the Belgian Java Users Group, takes place from October 10 – 14 in Antwerp. We’re presenting many sessions that dig into Java at Microsoft, Open Source, Azure and featuring live demos at our booth. We’re looking forward to a great learning and networking experience, and maybe some beer and a chocolate or two. 

Microsoft at Devoxx Belgium 2022 Program Guide is now available for download!



Because we are developers, too, we understand what you need to bring your Java applications to the cloud. Our team at Microsoft has worked hard to make it easier to do this using the tools and frameworks you love. We’ve collaborated with industry partners, open source, and Java customers around the globe to optimize the Java developer experience in Azure.


Microsoft + GitHub Together at Devoxx

Microsoft will be everywhere at Devoxx. We’ll present two three-hour deep dives, a three-hour workshop, a sponsored talk, and seven more sessions. This year we’re excited to team up with GitHub to showcase the latest integrations to bring your Java application source control and CI/CD workflows closer to your code. Pairing GitHub with Microsoft Azure makes the pair unstoppable for developer productivity and cloud deployment. You can deliver software faster and more securely by combining the practices and tools. Our keynote Thursday morning highlights how GitHub and Azure provide a seamless environment to rapidly code, test, and ship securely.


Here’s a preview so you can reserve time in your schedule.




Code, Deploy, and Scale Java Your Way

At Microsoft, we’re committed to the success of Java developers regardless of the tool, framework, application server, or platform you use. By forming strategic partnerships with major vendors in the Java ecosystem including Oracle, IBM, Red Hat, and VMware, we make Java development as efficient and productive as possible.

In fact, Microsoft heavily relies on Java technologies internally. We’ve worked to optimize our Java-based systems and secure our supply chain to benefit our customers and users. We’ve deployed over 2 Million Java Virtual Machines (JVMs) internally – excluding all Azure services and customer workloads. They range from back-end microservices to Big Data systems, message brokers, event streaming services, and gaming servers.


Over the past several years, thousands of Microsoft customers have moved to Java on Azure. You can learn more about how we’ve helped AIA, Bosch, Daimler, FedEx, J.B. Hunt, Kroger, Mercedes Benz, and Swiss Re and many others maximize existing and future technology investments. Our customers can scale to the enterprise level with end-to-end security, monitoring, and automation with Azure services.


Booth Talks & Demos

We'll demonstrate how Microsoft supports increasing developer productivity while maintaining deployment flexibility at enterprise scale and how you can code, deploy, and scale Java without worrying about infrastructure:

  • Developer Productivity. See how you can use the IDE of your choice (Visual Studio Code, IntelliJ, Eclipse), customize CI/CD pipeline GitHub Actions, project management, and build automation, and use Jenkins Pipelines and Azure Pipelines to continuously build, test, and deploy your Java applications to any platform and cloud.
  • Deployment Flexibility. See how Azure supports your workload on any application architecture from apps running on VMs, in containers, to cloud-native microservices-based applications on fully managed service.
  • Application Scalability. We’ll show how to build a scalable application from state-of-the-art security and auto-scaling to supporting services for data, messaging, caching, performance monitoring, and automation.

Join us at Devoxx Belgium

Visit us at our booth for some cool Microsoft swag! Stop by early to reserve a 1-1 meeting. We’ll run demonstrations and answer your questions throughout the Expo. We can’t wait to show you how you can experience the most efficient workflow and the most productive cloud experience for Java developers.

Check out our extensive documentation library that supports your development efforts whether you are experienced or just getting started and download our ebook to see details about Microsoft’s Java integration. We look forward to seeing you at our booth and at our sessions.


Microsoft at Devoxx Belgium 2022 Program Guide is now available for download!


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