Introducing the new ramp-up guide for developers, Azure Skills Navigator
Published May 25 2022 11:40 PM 21.9K Views

We are excited to introduce the new Azure Skills Navigator, our very own guide to help developers get started on Azure. We have a large collection of resources to help developers new to the cloud, and this guide curates all our best-in-class content in one place, making it easier to find and navigate. It is very important to stay ahead of the tech curve and continue to learn new skills in today’s competitive market, especially with the recent surge in demand for professionals skilled in cloud technologies. We hear you, and we are here to help. Our Azure Skills Navigator guide ensures that you have a solid foundation as you begin to explore Azure.


Azure Skills Navigator will provide a unique learning journey designed for developers building apps with low-code techniques to simplify, automate, and transform business tasks and processes. This guide maps out your itinerary to deepen your knowledge and is divided into three phases so you can so start your learning journey where you are – either with a programming language, an app framework, or the cloud. The three phases are:


  1. Ramp up – Discover core skills and language fundamentals.
  2. App development – Learn how to build cloud-native apps with various cloud architectures, frameworks for web, mobile apps, and relevant Azure services.
  3. In production – Explore services for monitoring, logging, instrumentation, and authorization.


Our guide provides an overview of key concepts across Java, .NET, Node.js, and Python, crucial topics to establishing a strong foundation on Microsoft Azure. The learning journey draws on a wide array of Microsoft resources – virtual trainings, learning courses, self-paced modules, videos, documentations, certifications, and more – that allow you to learn at your own time. After you build a solid foundation, we will help you navigate our intermediate and advanced level content to continue learning.


Download the guide and start learning today.


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Additional resources:

  • On-demand Intro to Tech session at Microsoft Build: The New Developer’s Guide to the Cloud hosted by Christoffer Noring, Nitya Narasimhan, and Someleze Diko.
  • GitHub repo containing all the resources and space for you to share suggestions for improvement.


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