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If you have ever engaged with training modules or explored the official documentation, it's highly likely that the material you utilized was written or co-authored by dedicated contributors. These contributors, often volunteers, generously offer their time and expertise to fill knowledge gaps within our portfolio and ensure the content remains up to date. 


In this interview series, we aim to acquaint ourselves with some of these valuable contributors to the Microsoft Learn platform. Through these conversations, we seek to understand their motivations for continued contributions and gain insights into their experiences. 


Today, we have the pleasure of speaking with Samson Amaugo, a full stack Web Developer and Microsoft MVP. Samson is one of the top contributors for ASP.NET Core content, where he regularly contributes to by improving documentation, providing excellent code samples, and answering customer questions. Samson is also a Microsoft Learn Student Ambassador Lead and GitHub Campus Expert at Federal University of Technology, Owerri. Samson has deep passion for automation and building intelligent systems with the assistance of machine learning or AI 


Here are a few recent contributions that Samson made on 


Meet Samson

Samson Amaugo, Full Stack Developer & Microsoft MVPSamson Amaugo, Full Stack Developer & Microsoft MVP



Kiran: Hi Samson, it's a pleasure to have you here today. Can you start by sharing a bit about your background and experience? 

Samson: Hi Kiran! I am a passionate full stack web developer with a strong interest in automation and the creation of intelligent systems using machine learning and AI. My programming journey began in 2016, and I was fortunate enough to intern at Microsoft in 2021, which further fueled my enthusiasm for automation and tool development to assist fellow developers. Throughout my journey, I have actively pursued side projects that have proved valuable to other developers, constantly seeking opportunities to automate processes. 

Participating in various hackathons has been an integral part of my growth, providing invaluable lessons from both victories and defeats. Each experience has contributed to my knowledge and skill set. 

Additionally, I hold esteemed positions as the Microsoft Student Ambassador Lead and GitHub Campus Expert at the Federal University of Technology, Owerri. These roles have not only exposed me to leadership responsibilities but also granted me speaking engagements and networking opportunities. 

Currently, I am deeply engaged in .NET development and cloud development with Azure. The combination of programming's creative and logical thinking aspects makes it an immensely satisfying experience for me. 


Kiran: Wow, that’s impressive! I’m glad to hear that Microsoft has been a part of your programming journey. You’ve now been recognized as a top contributor in the ASP.NET area. Can you talk a little about what inspired you to start contributing and what keeps you motivated? 

Samson: After my internship at Microsoft, I felt a strong desire to expand my knowledge of C# and ASP.NET. To achieve this, I delved deep into the extensive C# documentation, and during my exploration, I occasionally came across areas that required modifications or fixes. Given my genuine fondness for C# and its frequent application in my work, I saw these instances as valuable opportunities to contribute to the advancement of this technology. 

Motivated by this, I embarked on a journey of forking various .NET repositories and implementing the necessary changes. Subsequently, I submitted pull requests to incorporate these improvements. 

Engaging in this process allowed me to receive valuable feedback during the review phase, which proved instrumental in my growth as a developer. This feedback not only helped me refine my code snippets and applications but also exposed me to improved practices and techniques. 

Overall, this experience has been immensely rewarding, as it has allowed me to deepen my understanding of C# and ASP.NET while actively contributing to their ongoing development. 


Kiran: That’s amazing, Samson! It's wonderful to hear how your internship at Microsoft sparked your passion for enhancing your knowledge and led you to seek out opportunities to contribute to the development of these technologies. So tell me, has contributing to the Microsoft Learn platform helped you advance your career or gain any new skillsets? 

Samson: Absolutely! In August 2022, I had the privilege of being honored with the prestigious Microsoft MVP (Most Valuable Professional) award for my contributions to ASP.NET and C#. This recognition brought along a host of benefits and privileges that have greatly enriched my professional journey. One remarkable opportunity that emerged was the chance to share my expertise and experience through invitations to speak at technical workshops. 

Engaging in these speaking engagements has proven to be immensely valuable, allowing me to enhance my skills in effective communication and effectively convey complex technical concepts to diverse audiences. Each speaking opportunity has provided me with invaluable experience in connecting with fellow professionals, sharing insights, and fostering meaningful discussions. The ability to impart knowledge and inspire others in the technical community has been truly fulfilling. 

Receiving the Microsoft MVP award has not only bestowed me with prestige but has also opened doors for personal growth and the opportunity to make a broader impact in the field of ASP.NET and C#. I am grateful for the recognition and remain committed to further advancing and contributing to these technologies. 


Kiran: It’s fantastic to hear all the recognition your contributing journey has brought! Now, if you were to give some advice to someone who wants to start contributing to open-source content, what would it be? 

Samson: When it comes to searching for issues on GitHub, I have discovered that taking a targeted approach yields better results and saves time. Instead of conducting random searches, I find it more convenient to focus on searching for issues that are directly related to the technologies I frequently work with. This allows me to delve deeper into the challenges and explore effective solutions that are relevant to my areas of expertise. By considering the level of difficulty of these issues, I can prioritize and tackle them more efficiently, maximizing my productivity and problem-solving capabilities. 


Kiran: That’s a great practical piece of advice that I’m sure will benefit all aspiring contributors out there! One of the things that we do through these interviews is highlight the person behind the contributions. Would you like to share something about yourself aside from work? 

Samson: Absolutely! In my leisure time, I enjoy various activities that bring me joy and relaxation. I have a fondness for watching movies and documentaries, as they provide me with entertainment and opportunities to learn about different subjects. Playing the piano is another passion of mine, allowing me to express myself creatively through music. Additionally, I find great pleasure in playing games, whether it's engaging in friendly competitions with my brother or friends. 



Thank you, Samson!  

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To learn more about contributing to Microsoft Learn, visit the Microsoft Learn documentation contributor guide.  

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