Contributor Stories: Hisham Bin Ateya
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If you have ever engaged with training modules or explored the official documentation, it's highly likely that the material you utilized was written or co-authored by dedicated contributors. These contributors, often volunteers, generously offer their time and expertise to fill knowledge gaps within our portfolio and ensure the content remains up to date. 


In this interview series, we aim to acquaint ourselves with some of these valuable contributors to the Microsoft Learn platform. Through these conversations, we seek to understand their motivations for continued contributions and gain insights into their experiences. 


Today, we have the pleasure of speaking with Hisham Bin Ateya, a Software Developer and core member of Orchard team. Hisham is renowned as one of the top contributors for localized ASP.NET Core content, actively addressing reported issues and enhancing the localized content experience. Recently he became a member of ASP.NET triage team to assist with triaging issues and pull requests in ASP.NET core repository. With a genuine passion for supporting communities worldwide, Hisham dedicates himself to contributing to open-source content. 


Here are a few recent contributions that Hisham made on 


Meet Hisham

Hisham Bin Ateya, Software DeveloperHisham Bin Ateya, Software Developer


Kiran: Hi Hisham, it's a pleasure to have you here today. Can you start by telling us a bit about your background and experience? 

Hisham: Thank you, Kiran. I have been working with various .NET technologies, such as ASP.NET Core, ASP.NET, Silverlight, LINQ, and WPF. However, my main focus has been on ASP.NET since the beginning of my career in 2007. 

Apart from web development, I also dedicate a few hours to teaching as a lecturer assistant at the university. I enjoy teaching web development using ASP.NET Webforms & MVC, as well as other related programming subjects. Additionally, I maintain My.Extension.Loaclization.Json, a localization library that utilizes JSON as a data source. I'm also heavily involved in Orchard Core Contrib, an unofficial collection of APIs, modules, and themes for Orchard Core. 


Kiran: That's quite an impressive background, Hisham! It's inspiring to see your diverse skill set. Now, you're known as one of the top contributors for localized ASP.NET Core content. Can you talk a little about what inspired you to start contributing and what keeps you motivated?  

Hisham: Certainly. I have been working with ASP.NET since the early days of Web Forms. When the ASP.NET Core team started building the new version as open-source, I saw it as the perfect opportunity to contribute and engage with the team behind this technology. I made several contributions across different ASP.NET Core repositories, but I was particularly passionate about working on localization. 

I've been involved in the localization area since the DNX days, and I continue to do so to motivate others to contribute. It's important to note that open-source contributions aren't limited to code. Documentation plays a crucial role as well, allowing us to share our knowledge and help others learn the technology. 


Kiran: That's a great perspective, Hisham. It's wonderful to see your dedication to sharing knowledge. Now, has contributing to the Microsoft Learn platform helped you advance your career or acquire new skills? 

Hisham: Absolutely, Kiran. Microsoft Learn has been instrumental in both sharing my expertise with the world and expanding my own knowledge and skills in different areas of ASP.NET Core. It's a valuable resource, regardless of your level of expertise in technology. I frequently visit the platform to stay updated and learn from other contributors. 


Kiran: That's fantastic to hear, Hisham. Microsoft Learn is indeed a valuable source of learning. Now, if someone wants to start contributing to open-source content, do you have any advice for them? 

Hisham: Yes, I do! My advice for aspiring contributors is to realize the power of sharing knowledge through open-source content, regardless of the size of your contribution. Even a simple editorial or typo fix can go a long way in helping someone learn something new. Many of us frequent contributors started by fixing a single typo, and eventually, we found ourselves writing entire sections or articles. Don't wait for anyone—start today by creating your first pull request! 


Kiran: That's excellent advice, Hisham. Starting with a small step can lead to significant contributions. Now, aside from work, what do you enjoy doing in your free time? 

Hisham: When I'm not contributing to core ASP.NET, I'm actively involved in other open-source initiatives like Orchard Core, Oqtane Framework, and SimplCommerce. I'm passionate about contributing to open-source communities, especially in the area of localization. I encourage everyone to explore my contributions to Orchard Core and consider contributing to it as well. 


Kiran: Oh wow, it's incredible to see your deep involvement in open-source community-driven initiatives! Before we conclude, is there anything else you'd like to share about your experience with contributing? 

Hisham: Indeed, Kiran. I want to emphasize that anyone can contribute and make a positive impact on communities, regardless of their circumstances. I happen to live in Yemen, a Middle Eastern country where we sometimes face challenges like a lack of basic amenities and limited internet speed. However, these challenges have never stopped me from contributing and helping communities worldwide. 

I strongly encourage everyone to share their expertise with others and contribute to open-source communities. Together, we can uplift and empower people by providing access to knowledge and skills. If I can do it despite the obstacles I face, I believe that anyone can make a difference. So, let's embrace the spirit of open-source and work together to create a better world through shared knowledge and collaboration. 



Thank you, Hisham! 


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To learn more about contributing to Microsoft Learn, visit the Microsoft Learn documentation contributor guide.  

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