Azure Logic Apps Announcement – GA of single-tenant Standard SKU
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Meet the New Standard in Workflow


Today marks a new chapter for integration at Microsoft - the General Availability (GA) of Logic Apps Standard - our new single-tenant offering. A flexible, containerized, modern cloud-scale workflow engine you can run anywhere. Today, integration is more important than ever, it connects organizations with their most valuable assets - customers, business partners and their employees. It makes things happen, seamlessly, silently, to power experiences we take for granted, APIs being called by your TV to browse must-watch shows or catch the latest weather, snagging a bargain on your favorite website (with all the stock checking, order fulfillment and charging your credit card as backend workflows). Booking vacations when that was a thing, and keeping us all safe scheduling vaccine appointments on our phones, as well as checking in with friends and family wherever we are. The list goes on. Integration is everything.


Breaking Through the Cloud Barrier


Logic Apps has always been central to our industry-leading modern cloud integration platform – Azure Integration Services. But it was stuck in the cloud, our cloud. We know that business can’t always be bounded like this, and integration needs to be pervasive and accessible, connecting to where things are today, where they need to be tomorrow and where they might be in the future. For that, you need to be able to extend the reach of your network using an integration platform than can truly meet you where you are. Welcome Logic Apps Standard, our born in the cloud integration engine that can now be deployed anywhere - our cloud, your cloud, their cloud, on-premises or edge. And your laptop or dev machine for local development. Windows, Linux or Mac. Anywhere.



Figure 1. New VS Code extension.


The Speed You Need


We’ve also introduced new Stateless Workflows. As their name implies, this is a new workflow type in Logic Apps that doesn’t need storage to persist state between actions, making your workflows run faster and saving you money. What’s not to like about that? Stateless Workflows open up new high-volume, high-throughput scenarios for real-time processing of events, messages, APIs and data. We’ve achieved performance improvements across both Stateful and Stateless with a new connector model, built-in to the runtime, to provide high performance of some of our most common connectors - Service Bus, Event Hubs, Blob, SQL and MQ. Not only this but you can also now write your own connectors in .Net just like we do with all the same benefits with our new extensibility model for custom connectors.


A New Designer Designed For You


We didn’t want to reimagine our new runtime without reimagining the designer too. The no-code magic that brings integration to everyone, not just those who can code – or have time to. The canvas now allows you to bring your most complex business workflow, orchestration and automation problems. It has been recreated with not just a more modern look but incorporates a new layout engine making complex workflows render faster than ever, with full drag/drop, a new dedicated editing pane to de-clutter the whole experience, and new accessibility and other gestures to make authoring easier than ever. For everyone.


But that’s not all, we’ve also created a new VS Code extension for authoring, allowing you – for the first time– to easily debug and test on your local machine, set breakpoints, examine variables values in flight and generally, just do what you do faster – in the World’s most popular IDE.



Figure 2. New Workflow Designer.


Easier To Live With


As well as leaps forward in our runtime, our designer and general ‘developer flow’ we know that getting your great work to production with as little manual effort and intervention as possible is also what you need. We’ve worked on making it possible to parameterize your workflows in Logic Apps Standard so that you can automate deployments and set environment-specific values in your pipelines to make DevOps a snap. You can choose what you’re familiar with to stay in your groove with support for both Azure DevOps pipelines and GitHub Actions - with provided templates to help you get productive as quickly as possible. You’re able to take an infrastructure as code approach to deploy your solutions and use CI/CD practices to enable you and your team to iterate and deploy without friction as fast as your business demands.


Not only this but Logic Apps Standard also now provides App Insights support too, allowing you ’see’ your running processes, as data flows between endpoints and monitor them using Azure Monitor as well as a host of other Azure built-in management capabilities.



Figure 3. DevOps with Logic Apps.


You’re Always In Control


Because Logic Apps Standard runs on App Service – powering over 2 million web apps serving 40 billion requests per day - you get all the same great benefits that makes App Service great too. Auto scale, virtual network (VNet) support and Private Endpoints - right there at your fingertips - to build amazing solutions that span Web, Workflow and Functions. And of course, because Logic Apps is part of Azure Integration Services too, you can easily connect your applications using over 450 connectors, publish and consume APIs with API Management with just a few clicks and process events with Event Grid at planet-scale. 


So What’s Next?


In a word, lots! We’ve also released today, the public preview of Logic Apps (and our other PaaS application services) on Azure Arc. Arc brings a new level of distributed deployment and centralized management to your application and integration environments. We’re also readying SQL support (Azure SQL, SQL Server, SQL Data Services) enabling you to run workloads fully locally with no Azure dependency on storage. Now in private preview, you can sign up here to express interest and get early access before the rest.


See For Yourself


Don’t just take our word for it, watch our Build session on-demand here where Derek Li, will take you through everything that’s new to get you up to speed. You’ll see how ASOS, a global leader in fashion and tech, is using Logic Apps Standard to help them realize their business goals faster than ever before.


You can start right now, for free, and take us for a spin. Read more on Logic Apps Standard here. If you’re already familiar with Logic Apps and want to understand the differences you can review this article. And as always, let us know what you think and what we can do to help you in your efforts.


- Jon & the Logic Apps team

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