Azure Cache for Redis at Microsoft Build 2023
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We are excited to announce that Azure Cache for Redis is receiving a major upgrade announced at Microsoft Build 2023, with several new features and enhancements that will help developers improve the performance and scalability of their applications. This release includes many significant improvements, such as integration with Azure Functions, a new Azure Marketplace template for quick web app deployment, and new enterprise features that focus on developer efficiency. Additionally, Azure Cache for Redis will now support up to 30 shards, making it even more scalable than before. With new authentication capabilities such as AAD and .NET support, this release is sure to provide developers with a powerful and versatile caching solution for their applications. To learn more, check out the full details below.  


Azure Functions Support (Preview) 
The preview version of Azure Functions support for Azure Cache for Redis enables users to leverage Redis data types as triggers for serverless app development. With this integration, customers can trigger an Azure Function on various Redis data types, including pub/sub channels, lists, and streams, as well as keyspace and keyevent notifications. This allows for automatic write-behind or write-through caching, where new cache values are automatically written to a backing database, or cache consistency with a database or storage account is ensured by triggering updates when a key expires or is updated. This feature is available at no additional cost on the Azure Cache for Redis end and only requires paying for the Azure Functions you trigger. This update expands the possibilities of serverless architectures and allows for greater flexibility and scalability in app development. 


New! Azure Marketplace Template Quick Deploy (App Service and Database) 

With the new data template, deploying a web app with databases and cache resources has never been easier! This template is available in the Azure Portal and as a deployment template for Infrastructure as Code. It provides a seamless way to quickly launch a web app in your Azure portal with a database and Azure Cache for Redis resource. The connectivity between the web app, databases and cache powered through the Service Connector, allowing for a hassle-free experience. This is an excellent solution for developers looking to optimize the performance and modernize their web apps. Don't wait - try it out today and experience the future of web app deployment! 


30 Shards Support (Preview) 

Azure Cache for Redis now supports clustered caches with up to 30 shards, providing users with the ability to store more data and scale their applications as their workload grows. The feature is currently in public preview, and customers can scale their cache instances to up to 30 shards, with pricing for additional shards listed on the pricing page. This is a significant upgrade from the previous shard limit of 10, allowing customers to take advantage of more extensive caching to improve performance and scalability. With this new feature, customers can look forward to faster application performance and more cost-effective scalability. 


AAD (Preview) 

Azure Active Directory (AAD) based authentication and authorization in public preview for Azure Cache for Redis! With this integration, users can leverage role-based access control to connect to their cache instance without the need for a password. Customers can now assume the identity of an Azure AD entity, such as a service principal or managed identity, to connect to their cache, eliminating the need to maintain access key-based connections and regularly rotate access keys. This feature is available for Azure Cache for Redis Basic, Standard, and Premium SKUs. With this update, customers can look forward to increased security and a simplified authentication process when using Azure Cache for Redis. 


Azure Monitor: 99th Percentile Latency Metric (Preview) 

Now in preview, the Azure Monitor metric for Azure Cache for Redis measures the 99th percentile latency of server-side commands. This will be useful for customers who need to debug latency challenges in their application stack and determine if their Redis instance is struggling to keep up with traffic. The metric is available in the basic, standard, and premium tiers of Azure Cache for Redis, and allows customers to set alerts if the 99th percentile latency is too high, indicating a need to scale up their cache instance or optimize Redis commands. 


Enterprise New Capabilities (Preview) 

The latest set of features for Azure Cache for Redis Enterprise, launched in April 2023, includes a range of features that focus on both efficiency and security. Among these features is Connection Audit Logging, which helps track and monitor user activity within the system. Additionally, the release includes a Flush Command for Active-Active Caches, which allows developers to easily clear cache data across multiple regions. Another significant addition is the Scaling Up & Out on Enterprise & Enterprise Flash, which provides more flexibility and scalability for users. Finally, Customer Managed Keys for Enterprise Persistence allows users to have greater control over their data and security by managing their own encryption keys. These new features provide a powerful suite of tools for enterprises looking to improve their caching capabilities while ensuring the security of their data. To learn check out the linked blog post! 


Getting Started with Azure Cache for Redis  

For more additional information on Azure Cache for Redis, the features listed above, and Redis, please see the resources linked below.    

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