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Dec 06 2023, 07:00 AM - 12:00 PM (PST)
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Risky Sign-in Report - Where to see or adjust the settings?

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We are seeing some inconsistencies with our Risky Sign-in reports.  For example, we'll have multiple users who travel over seas, logging in from foreign IP addresses for the first time, and some will get flagged as a risky sign in while others won't.  We had one US based user in particular who travelled in Eastern Europe for a month and was never flagged for risky sign ons.


Is there a way to see and or adjust the settings/criterion for how the risky sign-in reports work?





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This falls under Azure AD IP - There’s an article about simulating some of the behaviors to test ->

Can you have a look if that works for you?
Sure, I will test these out - thank you!

Is there a way for us to configure how risky sign in works? Like turn certain features ON or OFF?
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I am not an Azure AD IP expert, but did you look at our documentation?
There is also a YouTube video in this article.
For reports I found this page:
If the simulation from earlier doesn't help, I honestly would suggest to open a support ticket to see why some users are flagged, whilst others are not.