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Aug 14 2024, 07:00 AM - 09:30 AM (PDT)
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New Device Health Reporting showing incorrect status

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Just been looking into the new reporting and ive come across the below:


On the new AV health reports, it shows in the "Antivirus Mode" that I have a bunch of Devices that are in "Other Modes". when you run get-mpcomputerstatus, on the devices in question, everything is up to date, and matches that of a device that is in "Active" Mode.


When you check on the Defender portal, on the device itself, in the new section "Device health Status" everything is unknown and the AV mode is "Other" along with the Title "Defender Antivirus Not active", which I can confirm it is active and updated.


The Devices are able to communicate out to Defender so its not a networking issue, so im a little lost why some I'm getting irregular reporting


Has anyone noticed the same thing from their side?

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Hi @MattBurrows ,


Please note that the data in our reports is refreshed every ~2-3 hours. If you are still seeing this issue with data not updating after 3 hours, can you please send the machine ids for which you see discrepancies to <> so that the team can investigate.