Attack simulation training - report message not working

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Good Day everyone!

in the M365 defender interface, in the section settings -> e-mail and collaboration -> reported message from user i choose the option "Use the add-on" then chose an e-mai to deliver when message is reported.

I installed manually the add-on "Report message" in my outlook.



when i use this add-on and select report phishing for the e-mail attack simulator, the message is deleted but:
1- in the e-mail i previously configured, i didn't receive the e-mail who i've reported

2- in the report of the attack simulation, i only have "User deleted message" but not "User reported message".


How can i fix it?


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Morning @Nicktab! - this sounds like something you should potentially open a support case for, as that's not the expected behaviour. - however, before you do that. please check the following:

Attack simulation training deployment considerations and FAQ - Office 365 | Microsoft Learn

You could also try from OWA to ensure there isn't an issue with the add-in's deployment to your Outlook client before raising a ticket.

Hope that helps!



@Ben_Harris  Hello! there wasn't any deployment. I install it manually on 2 different PCs with 2 different accounts but had no luck in both. I checked also on exchange, everything is good. As you suggested, i opened a case with microsoft, thanks

This is happening for me too!


When you report a message as phish, it needs to be delivered back to the cloud to know if it is a phish or the Attack Simulation. If you are not sending a message back to Microsoft, then the Attack Sim will not know about this message. Therefore, it will not be able to report on this.


You could send a message to Microsoft and your custom mailbox to get the expected results.