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Share your feedback on Microsoft 365 Defender via the new feedback portal
Published Jun 13 2023 09:00 AM 8,659 Views

Microsoft is constantly looking for ways to improve its products and services, and listening to the voices of our customers is a crucial part of that process. We heard from our customers that they would appreciate an open and collaborative platform where they can provide feedback and help influence the direction of Microsoft products, and at the same time have a way to interact and have their voices heard by our product teams.


We’re excited to announce that Microsoft 365 Defender is now part of the new community feedback experience, and our customers now have a dedicated platform to submit their suggestions and feature requests for our security products.


The new Feeback portal is available to all Microsoft 365 Defender customers, serving as a central place for you to share insights about any aspect of the product and recommend new product features.


We invite you to explore the new Feedback portal at

Figure 1: Microsoft 365 Defender Feedback portal overviewFigure 1: Microsoft 365 Defender Feedback portal overview


When submitting a new feedback, make sure to select the appropriate security product under “select a category” in the Microsoft 365 Defender forum:




Microsoft Defender for Cloud Apps

Cloud Apps

Application governance, Discovery, Information protection, Real time controls, Threat protection

Microsoft Defender for Endpoint


Antimalware, Configuration
Detection and response, Network security, Onboarding, Prevention

Microsoft Defender for Identity


Configuration/Deployment, Health alerts, Security alerts, Security posture assessments

Microsoft Defender for Office 365


Attach simulation & training, Configuration (security policies & filtering), Email authentication, Investigations, Quarantine features and notifications, Safe links and safe attachments, Submissions & allow/block overrides, Threat explorer

Microsoft 365 Defender


Advanced hunting, Alerts and incidents, Integrations, Security posture


For example, if you want to provide feedback on Microsoft Defender for Office 365, please make sure to select the “Select a category” and scroll down to the options that start with “Office –"

Figure 2: Posting new feedback and selecting the right categoryFigure 2: Posting new feedback and selecting the right category

Search, Vote and Track

The new feedback portal offers customers a range of features designed to improve customer participation. One of the key benefits is the ability for customers to search and vote on features they consider important. This capability allows Microsoft product teams to gain valuable insights into the most sought-after features and prioritize their product development accordingly, ensuring that customer needs remain at the forefront of our innovation efforts.


Furthermore, customers can leave comments, provide additional context or suggestions, and easily monitor and stay updated on the progression of their favorite suggestions by simply clicking on the “follow” button. You have the option to receive email notifications when there is a new activity related to your feedback. To do that, make sure to turn on notifications setting after submitting feedback.


Upon submission, your feedback is sent to the relevant product teams for review. We look for similar feedback from other users and group it together to identify the most impactful ones.  Please note that due to the volume of feedback received, we cannot guarantee an individual reply to everyone. Nevertheless, we are committed to providing updates on your feedback to the best of our ability.


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