MCAS Flow Connector (MS Demo Tenant)




I'm trying to get the flow integration working with MCAS in a DEMO Tenant provisioned through, but I keep getting the following error: 


There’s a problem with the flow’s trigger. See details to fix the issue.

CAllBAck URL: 



{"message":"No HTTP resource was found that matches the request URI ''."}


After searching a while, i did the exact same thing in our production tenant and there it worked as expected. Does flow support need to be explicitely enbled on a tenant? And if so, how can i get this enabled on my demo tenant?







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@Alex Verboon 


@Sebastien Molendijk: Is this something you can help with?

@Valon_Kolica, thanks, that would be great, just tried on a 2nd Demo Tenant, same behavior. 


Since I have a demo at a conference on Friday  it would be great if I can get this working. 


@Alex Verboon 




Let me try this. In my existing demo tenant it works, so I'm going to provision a new one.

@Alex Verboon 


I just created a new 90 days demo tenant and I was able to create a Flow and attach it to the policy.

Was the issue related to the execution or just creating the Flow with the MCAS trigger ?



@Alex Verboon Did you ever get to the bottom of this?  I have the same issue and it does not show up in my runbooks

Your tenant may close or delete the demo,yu may not use it.