What's New in Viva Sales – June 2023
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Microsoft Viva Sales is reimagining sales. By bringing customer relationship management (CRM) data and artificial intelligence (AI) seamlessly into every salesperson’s flow of work in Microsoft 365 and Teams, Viva Sales helps sellers focus time where it matters most: making meaningful connections, building trust, and moving deals forward.

June release marks another major milestone for Viva Sales, bringing new and improved ways for sellers to seamlessly collaborate, update their CRM, and serve customers.


Collaborate seamlessly with colleagues and customers using Collaboration spaces in Microsoft Teams

Effective collaboration is essential to sales success, especially in business-to-business (B2B) transactions where the majority of deals require multiple sellers and members of the buying committee to unify their efforts—and yet, many organizations struggle to bring together the right set of people, tools, and data into a coherent process. Now, we’re thrilled to announce the general availability of Collaboration spaces in Viva Sales. With Collaboration spaces, sellers get access to ready-made teams and channels in Microsoft Teams where they’re able to converse seamlessly and securely with colleagues and customers, all the while being equipped with the relevant CRM data and integrated apps to foster productive collaboration.


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Sellers can collaborate effectively by setting up and using Deal rooms

To learn more, check out the dedicated blog post – or get started with Collaboration spaces today.


Easily remove saved emails and appointments from Dynamics 365 using Viva Sales

With Viva Sales in Outlook, sellers can work with their CRM at the speed of life and build a real-time accurate view of their customer without leaving their inbox. Now, for sellers using Dynamics 365 with server-side sync enabled, we’re introducing the ability to remove saved emails and meetings from the CRM using Viva Sales. Sellers can now delete saved emails and appointments that are no longer relevant, making it easier than ever to keep the CRM clean and current.


Remove email from CRM image.png

Sellers can remove saved emails and appointments in Dynamics 365 from Viva Sales

Save time by unsaving your activities using Viva Sales today.


An even better Outlook experience for greater productivity

Last month, we announced the redesigned Viva Sales in Outlook experience, making it easier than ever to explore and make use of everything that Viva Sales has to offer. Now, we’ve brought further enhancements to the experience to help sellers achieve even more. Specifically, we’ve made it even easier to access relevant contact information at a glance, along with new intelligent recommendations for actions you can take on the contact. Furthermore, we’ve added a convenient Home button that allows you to swiftly navigate back to the top level, and streamlined how actions show up across the entity cards.



Sellers can view their saved CRM contacts and new contacts in a single card in the CRM tab. Common actions on records are now revealed upon hover in an ellipsis menu (multiple actions) or a button (single action). Action cards in the Highlights tab call attention to new or duplicate contacts. A ‘Home’ button surfaces at 2 clicks deep and on from the top level.

Experience the redesigned Viva Sales in Outlook today.


Improvements to Copilot in Viva Sales

With Copilot in Viva Sales, sales teams can harness the power of generative AI to build stronger customer relationships and keep more productive in the flow of work.

This month’s release brings a suite of improvements to our Copilot capabilities. In addition to numerous under-the-hood updates, here are some of the updates we’re bringing to help sellers reclaim even more of their time and serve their customers even better:


Improved scheduling and data source attribution in suggested email content

With suggested email content, sellers can instantly improve the quality and timeliness of their communications with customers. Now, when these generated email replies include proposed meeting times, Copilot not only takes into account sellers’ calendar availability but additionally any information provided by the customer such as their intent and time zone, further simplifying the scheduling process. Additionally, sellers are now able to review even more data sources behind the generated content— including CRM data, any previous meetings or emails, buying intent, action items, issues, and more.


Use Copilot to kickstart email messages today.


Expanded record type support for email summaries

With email summaries, Copilot generates a summary of email interactions based on Microsoft 365 Graph and CRM data to provide a digestible brief on the customer which they can quickly save to the relevant record in CRM as a note object. Now, sellers can save these email summaries not only to opportunity records but also to account records as well, extending the ability to effortlessly distill and capture interactions to even more business scenarios.


email summary image 2-new.png


Easily enrich your CRM with email summaries today.


Better meeting prep with extensive opportunity summaries

With opportunity summaries, Copilot generates concise customer summaries that sellers can use to quickly ramp up and ensure they’re prepared for every meeting. Now, these opportunity summaries have been enhanced to include even more essential details, including additional out-of-the-box fields and changes to tracked fields.


opportunity summary image 1-new.png

View and work with opportunity summaries today.


Expanded CRM support for action item suggestions in meeting summaries

With meeting summaries, Viva Sales gives sellers a way to effortlessly follow up after meetings. As part of that, sellers can swiftly convert any action items into tasks tracked in the CRM directly from Teams. Now, we’ve extended this capability to ensure that these amazing productivity benefits are available not only for sellers using Dynamics 365 in all regions but also those using Salesforce CRM, furthering our commitment to make every salesperson more successful.


create a task in Teams.png


Create CRM tasks from the meeting summary today.


Simplified admin experience for Copilot in Viva Sales

We’ve made it more straightforward than ever before for admins to enable Copilot for their sales organization. Now, all Copilot-related settings can be found under one section in the Viva Sales settings page. Additionally, all generally available Copilot features are now default on for Dynamics 365 organizations in North America, accelerating their sales transformation journey with next-generation AI.


copilot admin image.png


Enable Copilot in your sales organization with ease today.



We’re on a mission to make every salesperson on the planet more successful.

Ready to join us and other top-performing sales organizations worldwide? To get started with Viva Sales, including a free 30-day trial, reach out to your Microsoft sales team or visit the Viva Sales webpage.

Ready to install Viva Sales? See the Viva Sales deployment guide for Dynamics 365 users or the Viva Sales deployment guide for Salesforce users.

Want to stay in the loop? Stay connected to the latest improvements before everybody else at https://aka.ms/vivasalesupdates. We welcome your feedback and ideas in the community feedback forum.

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