What's New in Sales Copilot – November 2023
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Microsoft Sales Copilot is reimagining sales. Integrated seamlessly into your daily tools across Microsoft 365 and Teams, Sales Copilot harnesses the power of generative AI and customer data to keep sellers in their flow of work so that they can spend more time with customers.


This month, we’re bringing a suite of new features and additions to open Sales Copilot up to a whole new world of possibilities, accelerate sales transformation, and help sellers be more productive:


  • Extend Sales Copilot through Power Connectors

We're thrilled to announce the extensibility of Sales Copilot through Power Connectors. Partner applications can now integrate their data and insights directly into Sales Copilot, empowering sellers to get a more complete understanding of the customer. Sellers can access the latest activities from these partner applications within the opportunity and account summaries. Additionally, sellers can view related records from partner applications along with the CRM account or opportunity details.




Extend Microsoft Sales Copilot with partner applications today.


  • Get DocuSign agreement details and updates from within Sales Copilot

DocuSign is paving the way as the first to extend Sales Copilot through Power Connectors. Now, sales teams can stay abreast of all agreement updates in DocuSign such as when a contract gets signed, right from within Sales Copilot as part of the opportunity summary. They can also view all DocuSign agreements related to CRM accounts contextually from within Outlook using Sales Copilot.


DocuSign Integration.png


Learn more about how the DocuSign integration brings visibility on sales agreement to Sales Copilot.


  • Suggested email content: New adjustment options and user prompt explanations

With suggested email content, sellers can improve the quality and timeliness of their communications with customers. Now, we’ve made suggested email content even easier to use with more ways to tailor these emails to your liking. A new length knob allows sellers to adjust the email’s length, ensuring message is as concise or as detailed as needed. Sellers can select from up to 3 suggested meeting times to include in the email, offering greater flexibility when proposing a meeting time. Sellers can also set the default language from a list of supported languages, ensuring that the generated email is always in their preferred language. Finally, sellers can see explanations for any prompts that were used in the generated email.


Email adjustment.png


Use Copilot to kickstart email messages today.


  • Receive a welcome message in Teams after Sales Copilot is installed

New users will now receive a welcome message in Teams after the Sales Copilot app for Teams has been installed. This initial message from the Sales Copilot bot outlines key benefits and includes links to a product demo video and detailed documentation, equipping sellers with helpful resources as they begin their journey with Sales Copilot. To ensure convenience, this message is timed according to each user's time zone and sent only during business hours. This feature will be progressively rolled out to tenants through November and December 2023.


Teams Welcome Notification.png


  • Control the exposure of Sales Copilot AI features with tenant and security group settings

For the first time tenant-level and security group level controls are being introduced in Sales Copilot. Now tenant admins can start easily tailoring the deployment and access of AI features in Sales Copilot, which can be important from compliance, security and other aspects tenant admins are commonly on top of for their organizations.


Tenant and SG settings.png


Access administrator settings for Sales Copilot today.




Ready to join us and other top-performing sales organizations worldwide? To get started with Sales Copilot, reach out to your Microsoft sales team or visit the product webpage.


Ready to install Sales Copilot? See the Sales Copilot deployment guide for Dynamics 365 users or the Sales Copilot deployment guide for Salesforce users.


Want to stay in the loop? Stay connected to the latest improvements before everybody else at https://aka.ms/salescopilotupdates. We welcome your feedback and ideas in the community feedback forum.

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