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When we book a room, the message "You don't have permission to sent to " is showing, and we got the undeliverable bounce back message if sending it.



How to solve this issue? Need help!


Thanks in advance!

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Are the mailboxes on-premises, in Office 365 or is it a hybrid with one on-premises and the other in Office 365?
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This is basically the "delivery restrictions" feature you can configure for any type of mailbox. Someone configured a list of people that are not allowed to send messages, or similarly, a list of people that are allowed and everyone else is blocked. You can confirm this via:


Get-Mailbox roomname | fl accept*,reject*,RequireSenderAuthenticationEnabled

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Hi Vasil,


Thank you for your help! Yes, it is configured to only allow a group of users to book the room.


Thank you for your help!!

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Hello, how do you do that: Get-Mailbox roomname | fl accept*,reject*,RequireSenderAuthenticationEnabled


Thank you for your prompt reply