Word 365 creates double spaces when typing

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I suddenly have a problem where my Word Online creates double spaces whenever I press the space-button. I cannot find anything that would let me reverse that and it doesn't have anything to do with my keyboard (typing anywhere outside of Word 365 works just fine).


It is very problematic as it not only looks awful (this can be solved with a simple find/replace) but it also prevents all the automatic functions of Word from working (like activating Bullets when I type a "-" etc.). It also takes more time to correct my texts when I need to delete two spaces instead of one.


Several searches through Google yielded 0 results for my problem. I am sure it is a very simple solution but I can't find it.


Thank in advance!

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@adam deltinger 

Hi! Thanks for the quick response.

I found that page already, it sadly didn't help --> I think the problem I have is completely different.

First of all, the problem persists with every document - regardless of when I created it (before the problem occured or after). Copying the old documents into a completely new one didn't change anything.

Secondly, the double spaces in my Word occur between all words, not just at the end of a sentence, and it doesn't disappear when I continue typing (like the person on that thread said). Changing the spell-correction options didn't help either.


The double spaces persist and occur between (almost) every word, which is weird. Some spaces (but very, very few) are singular.

Ok! If this only occurs to Word or the Office package, try this:

If that doesn’t work try a online repair from the control panel!

Also try another keyboard even if this not occurs outside of word, just make sure!


@adam deltinger 


The solution you provided is for an installed version of Word, if I'm not mistaken?


I only use the online version of Office (I have a free license because I am a student, which comes without the function to install Word on the PC).

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Okay then :)
Try from another browser and/or keyboard and let me know



Using IE fixed the problem. Going back to Firefox the problem persists.

Do you know how I can fix it in Firefox? I still prefer that browser.


But thanks for the help so far. :)

I would try to reset the browser settings / update the browser to latest version..I cannot speak for this problem on Firefox and cannot test it myself right now unfortunately due to not using Firefox! But haven’t heard about this issue before though..


@adam deltinger 


Reset Firefox and checked for updates. Problem still persists.

Okay! Thanks for checking! I’ve heard online about some keyboard glitches with version 66 ! These will probably be fixed soon




My wife and I use OneDrive daily, and we both use Firefox. This problem started happening to us also very recently.


Today I did some testing and verified that it is indeed a Firefox problem. I tested Edge and Chrome and found no spacing issues. So my suggestion would be to switch to using Edge for the time being, until Firefox releases a fix.


FYI, I am using the latest version of Firefox, which is version 66.0.1 (64 Bit).


My only suggestion if you want to use Firefox is to finish your document and then use the CTRL+H function to do a find and replace. And replace the double spaces with a single space. Otherwise, switch to using Edge for now.

Yeah Keep looking for updates since I belive this will be fixed soon!

Same problem here! And it's quite annoying... :'(

I am using Edge for now. This was very frustrating but it is good to know it wasn't my keyboard or lap top. :)
Hope it will be resolved soon.
Having the same double space problem here!