When will non owners be able to download videos from Microsoft Stream

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Currently video owners are able to download a copy of a video, from Stream, to their computer.  This is not very useful since the owner probably has access to the video file in the first place. 


When will it be possible for anyone who has access to the video to download it from Stream?  We want to use it to show videos of our products but also allow our sales staff to download a local copy in case they are in areas where internet is not available.  This happens regularly in the remote parts of Australia.



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I would suggest having a look in the Stream Ideas area on the Tech Community and if someone hasn't already suggested the idea - go for it.

We do have this on the list of ideas/features we'd like to add to Stream, however currently it's not toward the top of the list so we aren't working on it, sorry.


Feel free to add your ideas / votes to this item in our ideas forum:


Hi Marc!

Are there any news in this topic? We started recently using Streams in our company and we also miss this opportunity for other viewers to download the video from MS Stream.

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@Cliff Wheatley 


Is this feature implemented now? any update? 

We have to download the recorded video and share to the team members for their knowledge transition purpose.

Nope... IMHO Teams is just beta quality: the call experience is not very flexible...

This is still an issue in 2021.


Why should we be forced to use a third-party tool to download an internally shared video?


@Marc Mroz - this is especially an issue with people who are no longer employees.


Just seems like a ticking time bomb for a loss of critical knowledge sharing eventually due to orphaning.


I too would like to see this feature, of people who have access to the video being able to download this video.

 If I am the owner, I don't need to download. I need to download when we have meetings and an external organization records the video and shares with me. So, I should be able to download the meeting as it has an expiry date, and be able to save in my system

How is it 2023 and this is still an issue?

@Cliff Wheatley 


This seems like a very important feature since people who attended a meeting will want to download it but cannot. Especially since Microsoft now deletes the video from Stream after 30 days.