When will encrypt email come to Outlook.com desktop?

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Outlook.com through the web shows the following "Encrypt" button but using the full install of Outlook does not show an "Encrypt" button when creating a new message (should be under Options).  The full desktop version of Outlook is preferred over the web iteration.

Just wondering if the option will be included in a software update.



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The Encrypt Email is available in Outlook Window (Desktop) version. You have to navigate to it manually.  Here are the steps.


  • Click on the File tab, select Options
  • Click on | Trust Center | Trust Center Settings
  • Teresa_Cyrus_0-1656868100022.png


  • Click on the Email Security tab. All the encrypted email settings are available. 
  • Teresa_Cyrus_1-1656868134621.png


Microsoft has not announced if they plan to add the Encrypted Tab to the desktop menu. Feel free to give Microsoft feedback.


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The encryption options you mention have been there at least since Office 2007. This requires having a signing cert on your computer.
The methodology used in Outlook.com when used with a web browser is a bit different in that it makes you enter a passcode/password to read the message and/or attachments. It is not too dissimilar to what I had set up at work with Proofpoint prior to retiring--and yes, I do wish I had the same tool sets available.


Thank you for providing more details.  I will look into this feature more closely on Tuesday.  
Tomorrow is a US Holiday.


Stay tuned.