What is Your Biggest Remote Troubleshooting Challange?

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If you are working from home or you are managing employees at home, I am wondering what is the biggest and most challenging troubleshooting problem you encounter? 

Please share your experience, how did you solved it?

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Right now it is inviting an external user or guest to a Teams Meeting... I cannot figure out how to enable that, I have enabled the guest in the Team, but cannot add them to a call or meeting. I have not solved it yet.

@Deana_O_22 what is the error message?

Normally, when you enable guest, you should be able to add anyone by sending them an email.

@Deana_O_22Have you or your Office 365 Admin fully enabled Teams guest access for your organization?   See https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/microsoftteams/guest-access-checklist for the six steps.


Additionally, org-wide changes and user additions for Teams may see a delay for full teams functionality due to high usage on the Teams servers - the notice I am seeing on my admin console is "up to 24 hours."



Lack of features in MS Teams scheduling or permission levels. It would be nice to have a permission level that are different in video conferences. For example it would be nice to have a webinar feature in teams. The next thing is remote assistance to clients without having to disable UAC on secure desktop or pay for something. I wonder if their engineers even use their products in much capacity. 

@idk1613 regarding to Microsoft Teams, video conferencing in Microsoft Teams is very comprehensive and you have several setting and permissions. I am not sure what is your scenario but you have options for video conference and live meetings. 


I normally use Quick Assist app in Windows 10 to do remote troubleshooting and UAC is not problem, when I see UAC message, I just click permit and there is no need to disable it.