Vlook up Formula Needed

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Hi Everyone 

i have a large quantity of data that I need to update daily from excel files. I start with lets say the data on 1-1-2020 and I need to see if there were any changes on 1-2-2020 and input the notes from the 1-1-2020 file to the corresponding matching data on 1-2-2020. "matching" is not enough still leaves me with a ton of corrections that I do not have enough time to do. v or x look up would be the best formula where everyday I can put a new sheet and it will automatically add any matching notes from previous sheets. I want to find & match the information found in c2 on sheet 1 to c2 sheet 2 and input the notes in i2 sheet 1 onto sheet 2 i2, if there are no notes leave blank 






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