Users not able to login after changing licenses


Hi everyone, my organization is new to 365 and have only been working with setting up accounts and transitioning for the last 6 months. Recently we had users at our facility who were setup with their accounts as A3 Education users and did not have any issues getting into their accounts while they were here as students. After completing their education they were hired on to work for our organization so we changed their licenses over from A3 to E1. We did this by changing the license permissions in our on-site Active Directory that syncs with Microsoft via a Hybrid server we have setup. We just added them to the E1 licensing group and took them off the A3 and let the server’s sync up, but when the users try to login through the portal it errors out on them by either not loading at all or it just presents a simple error with Microsoft’s logo. It's been more than a week since we changed their licenses. We’ve verified numerous times through the Microsoft admin portal that it shows them as licensed and it’s inherited as its it getting it through our AD settings. We can also pull these users up through Exchange and see their accounts are active and licensed but they still can not login into the 365 portal at all. This morning we tried to get a few of them to try logging into itself and it comes up their Microsoft account doesn't exist, yet their accounts are showing in the exchange admin center as well as the active users inside the 365 admin center. 


If anyone has any ideas or suggestions we would be grateful. 


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Best open a support case to have this properly investigated.