user received qurantine email from microsoft


one of my user reported that she received regarding emails being qurantine.

the email seems like a spam.

does O365 sends such emails to users?


the emails says - Office 365 has prevented the delivery of 6 new emails to your inbox as of m/d/y h:i:s a because it identified these messages as spam. you can review here and choose what happens to them.

you can also get more information about qurantined messages by going to the Qurantine page in the SEcurity and Compliance Centre. You need to provide you work or schoold account to log in.


as far as we know, only users with admin rights have access to the Security and compliance center.


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Yes, it does, and yes, users also have access to the quarantine (configurable). Read about the end-user quarantine feature here:

I suspect I've been receiving spam as I've received a few of these messages from various non-Microsoft emails, this latest is from: info@binanjaya 

 @GV IT 

@GV ITlo faccio!

Questi sono il nome e l'indirizzo e-mail del mittente


Servizi di posta elettronica

Indirizzo email rimosso per motivi di privacy



L'ho cancellato subito senza nemmeno aprirlo per leggere le 6 email in questione, mi sbagliavo?

Grazie in anticipo ...