Troubles with Shared Computer Activation Office 365

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We've recently implemented Office 365 ProPlus using Shared Computer Activation.
We're using a VDI based solution from Citrix, called XenApp, in which users sometimes report they're Office does not activate.
The activation in basis works fine. The user starts Office, the Office 365 online activation service gets contacted and the license gets assigned. Upon assigning the license the following 2 files get created (GUID is variable and randomly generated):





However: sometimes, the activation apparently does not take place. Leaving the user with an unlicensed copy of Office 2016.

When that happens the user gets the following message (bare with me, its in dutch. But i reckon you get the picture):

sorry for the 3rd party upload:

Also, the files which normally get created in the %localappdata% folder named above do not get created.

When the user the fills in his/her Office 365 email adress in above prompt or Sign-in Splash screen, the files in the %localappdata% folder get created and the activation process continues just fine.

Is there perhaps any way we can force the activation taking place? With some kind of script / executable perhaps?
Is there any logging we can check whenever the activation does not take place?

And ow yes, before i forget to mention, we do have the following GPO in place:
"Automatically activate Office with federated organization credentials"
Also: the computer does have a working internet connection when the activation fails.

We are using ADFS as SSO method for Office 365


Your help will be greatly appreciated!


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Was this ever solved and what was the solution?

@Aaron Sablon I know this post is a little old, but I have done one of the following to help with re-activating Office 365.

1) Close out all Office applications, including Skype (if you are still using that) and then relaunch any Office application, like Word.  Upon opening the application, check to see if a new license file has been created. 

or 2) Sign out of Office and then back in

or 3) Sign out of Office, close all Office applications, it should prompt to Sign In and Activate Office


Hope that helps