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Transfering Email Domain Ownership

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I hope I'm posting in the right place. I currently have an email address with my own domain name that's hosted by 123 Reg. I get limited email 5GB storage. I can get more storage if I upgrade to their Office 365 Plan, but they only offer 365 Business Basic, where as I would benefit more from 365 Business Standard as I'm already also paying for Office 365. (I use desktop versions of Office 365, but I'm paying for the home version already at the moment).

My question is, how do I transfer my existing email domain to 365 Business so that 123 Reg is no longer the host? Do I still need to pay 123 Reg or will Office 365 be my new host? I have accesd to the domain unique authorisation code for transfer but can't find any information on how I would use it?

Thank you
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@ldyas  you have posted to your question the right place please read the following steps on how it will work;


  1. I am sure you have your domain ownership if you have you need to edit the DNS records and point your TXT and MX records so you can use it with your Microsoft Business account and create all the emails thereafter your DNS records are updated
  2. if you have emails on those accounts you may need a third party to migrate the mailbox emails if not just create the account on your Microsoft Business account.
  3. you can stop paying for your hosting but again you will have to use your domain name, pay for Domain and make sure you got DNS and name records access to your domain

I hope you understand the above if not or needs more clarity let us know....