Tons of spam being delivered!

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Recently, started this year, some months ago, my email account (which I have since 1998) is being bombarded with tons of spam being delivered directly to my inbox folder. 

What happened to Microsoft's email servers that used to filter out these noise very good and now is allowing everything to be delivered in the INBOX instead of the spam folder?

Funny thing, support asked me to check a box in the settings that would allow only messages only from my sender's safe list, which is very useless because we may receive legit emails from other accounts we don't know yet. 

Looks like Microsoft email servers are not checking the reputation of a sender's email server, is delivering everything like these: 
Screenshot 2022-10-20 at 10.24.46 AM.png
There is no way we block everything manually, we had to work, live, eat. etc. 

Not to mention that lot of times, a legit email is delivered to the Junk folder instead of inbox. 

Does anyone knows anything what is happening to Microsoft?

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@Luiz Lucena 

Spammers and EMarketing tools are getting smarter every day. In my opinion, I think government officials need to get involved and provide restrictive guidelines to prevent unwanted emails and even robot calls made by spammers.


Spammers have more wiggle room to send junk messages than the recipients have to prevent them.  For example, spammers can:

  1. Change the username of the email which appears before the @ symbol. This is why you block and see this company again in your inbox.
  2. Follow guidelines for submitting the maximum number of recipients per email
  3. Purchase eMarketing tools like Convert Kit and Mail Chimp for about $300 per year, which allows them to prepare and schedule a series of unwanted follow-up emails
  4. Remove the sender's name from the email altogether - not sure how they can do that, but they are
  5. Aware that recipients may not check their emails daily, resulting in having too many junk emails, which prevents users from reporting Phishing to Microsoft or unsubscribing
  6. Aware that recipients don't like clicking on a link for unknown senders (afraid of viruses)
  7. Aware that the recipient cannot rely on approved senders based on a contact or safe list
  8. Aware that Microsoft has 270 million users and can not manage the billions of spams that may be filtered through their systems for Hotmail,, and apps. This also applies to Gmail and Yahoo accounts, and even Robot Calls that we get on our mobile.

Again, in my opinion, this is not just Microsoft, Google, Yahoo, etc. issue preventing spam emails. Our Government Officials need to get involved too. They need to work with the software giants and users to set laws and financial penalties to individuals and companies for spamming users.


Think about it.  Spammers don't spend money for paper, ink, envelopes, or stamps anymore or if ever (depending on their age).  So, $300 annually and another $200 for a purchased email lists AIN'T nothing to spammers and it is a tax-write off! Geez!


We are all in the same boat. Junk Emails drive us crazzzzzy and it is unproductive.


What can we do? Very little.  Keep using the tools the software companies give us.  Keep reporting Phishing, blocking senders and domains, creating rules and hoping these junk emails are at least reduced.