Teams Chat issue 02-08-2021

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Hi Team,

We are using teams in my organization. we have two different tenants with different domains.

when users in domain A or B domain adding other domain user in the existing group chat, it is creating another new chat group with new users and existing users, means unable to add other domain users in the existing chat. 

can you help me if any fix for this issue.

I have already added domains in the Organization-->Sharing for free/busy.


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@ChristianJBergstrom T
thanks for the quick response. we have already did what is there in the article, here is the example I did.

Step1: Created a conversation with, including me its 3 members in this group conversation.

Step2: I have shared image file and 2 to 3 chat messages.

Step3: Now I have added (Other domain).

Observation: Separate chat conversation group created with existing 3 members and new other domains member, now there are 4 members in the new chat group, but chat is empty, because existing chat group discontinued with new user.


Same issue if you skip the attachment? File sharing is not supported in federated scenarios.