Syncing shared external onedrive folders: issue where login is different to email

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Right, very specific:


We are sharing onedrive folders via link that you must sign in (but not restricted to the exact user that receives the link). This can be shared with people outside the organisation.

When the external user uses the link they see it in their shared folders, and they can click on sync for it to sync locally with their computer.

However where the email address is not the login (ie email =, but the microsoft login gor this email is, the users who have had their link shared with their email rarther than login cannot sync. When they click sync they are asked to login (which they do with and then they get a message saying they should sign in with the same email as they were sent to in order to sync.

They can access the folders online in a webpage fine.


The only workaround I have got to work is to delete the guest account and replace it with They then login with the same info that the link was sent to. But this requires administrator access, and a lot of work. The user who receives the link must be the one using it issue, as this is not ticked.


Is there anything I'm missing, or any other easier workaround found?

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That's probably because of the RequireAcceptingAccountMatchInvitedAccount setting, but to change that one you need admin access, so not much help here I suppose.