SharePoint External Sharing - SharePoint Site vs Office 365 Group

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We have a scenario, where we need to share a SharePoint Online site to external users (users with Gmail or Hotmail accounts, as well as some with office 365 accounts).


The question is, should I be creating an Office 365 group and share the site that comes with it or should I be creating a separate SharePoint site and share it? 


Some of our requirements:

1. We will need extensive permission-ing and restriction applied.

2. Users should not see each other's data (Not a collaboration site)

3. Not really interested in other apps such as OneNote. This site is more of a portal to collection information from 100s of users of our company's products.


In general, why would you use one over the other?


Thanks in advance!

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Given your requirements, you should create a "classic" site (as in non-group based one) and configure custom permissions on it. Group-based sites use the "equal access" concept, every member gets permission over the full content of the site.

@Vasil Michev Thanks for your response. Is there is a restriction or limitation within Office 365 group based site, to configure permissions compared to the classical site? 


From an Office 365 Administration point of view, do we lose any advantages, if I go the classic site route?